Some best way of online earning that can make you real freelancer.

Before i have post about some wrong/weak way of online earn and Now I will show you some best way of online earn for be a real freelancer.

1.) Google Adsense: Are you listening about google adsense?? I think you hear it and Google adsense is the so popular way for online earning. But maximum people think, get google adsense is so hard. But you can get easily google adsense by using some simple tricks. Next one time I will discuss about those tricks. You can get google adsense through your website and youtube channel. If you can write the creative article, or any kind of write without copy-paste then you can get  google adsense easily in your website or if you make creative video or any kind interesting videos without copy-paste then you can get  google adsense easily in your channel. Everybody know that, Google is so trusted company.

2.) Graphics design: If you learn about Graphics design and If you can make any kind of Graphics design (Ex:T-shirt design, logo design, visiting card design etc) then you can sell it to fiverr, oDesk, upwork, freelancer etc trusted online marked place.

3.) Web page design: If you learn web page design, if you are seo expart then you can go to fiverr, oDesk, upwork, freelancer or any kind trusted online market place for earn money. Here you can sell your template. Even you can earn by using your won website, you can create your won ecommerce site.

4.) Affiliate marketing: If you know English language for talking with your buyer, if you can good advertise then  you can start affiliate marketing. So many trusted site for affiliate marketing Ex: amazon, maxbounty etc.

If you want, then next time I will explain step by step about all category.

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