Some wrong/weak way of Online Earning.

Peace be upon you. Are You upset about ponline earn?? Don't get the find the right way?? You are a new freelancer or want to make real online career. If your answer is yes, then your should read this article. Otherwise you can ignore it. Has so many online earning system in the Internet, that will make you confused. You don't understand, what is right way. For this problem, I will give you some solution from my won experience.
1. PTC(Paid To Click): PTC websites act as middlemen between
advertisers and consumers. Has So many person them try to make money from PTC web site. But it's true that, most people is fail. Because so many scam PTC site in the internet and it's true that you can not make good money even from real PTC site. So for be a professional freelancer, your should ignore it. But if you make your won PTC site, then good.

2. Captcha Entry : Has some website , they have offer you for solve robot text , image captcha and audio captcha. For solve those captcha, they will give you so few money.
Example : If you solve 1000captcha ,they will give you onley 1$!!! My experience say, it's impossible for make good amount from captcha entry site. It will waste your worthy time. So I recommend you ignore it.

3. Refer Earn : My experience say, it's so much difficult to combination refer. Most of them is scam and not trusted. want to be real freelancer?? Frist time maybe it will pay you but after some days it will not payment you. Just ignore it and Don't waste your Time.

4. Video viewer. Has some site, they have offered you that, see 15/20 video and get 1$ + refer bonus. I recommend you, your should not waste your time from here. This site is so futureless most of them scam. Maybe first time I will pay you but after some days it will not payment you.
your should not waste your time like above those all site.
Now you can ask me which is right?? So next post I will show you some right and trusted way for be a real freelancer.

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